Thursday, January 1, 2009

09' here I come!


Happy new years everyone! haha im so glad monica told me to make a blogspot instead of blogging on myspace. its so much fun! thanks girl! lol.

So 09' is officially here. Here is my list of goals to accomplish this year.

1. Lose weight (again =/) and keep it off this time!
2. Graduate nursing school in march
3. Take and pass the board
4. Find a job as a hot ass nurse ;]
5. Party it up once i FINALLY deserve my total freedom (according to me and my moms deal if i graduate. lol)
6. Money Makin!
7. Continue to be a happy positive person
8. Make my vision board of what i want in life.
9. Do something really special for Leelan cuz he deserves it.
10. Finally learn how to cook!
11. Rearrange my room
12. Spend more time with slutty sol
13. Clubbing finally!
14. Big bear with Margie, Angie, Julius, Allan, and all the homies.

Thats all i can think of for now. but ill add more later. break is almost over and i gotta get back to my retarded schedule and constant studying. its ok. im almost done. i just gotta get through these last few weeks. wooh 09' here i come bitches!