Tuesday, January 13, 2009

School and Ish

For the first time in forever, I am actually ahead in my studies. Its not as hard studying neuro disorders as i thought it would be. I am actually enjoying learning all dis shit for once. My test is not until nxt Friday which gives me even more time. I need to make up for that fail I got last week. I am so close to graduating and I cant mess up now. Just a month and a half more. Wooh I am so excited! Ill finally have free time for myself and to just chill and do whatever. Lounge around the house, workout, go out, watch tv, clean up my room, chill with my homegirls, maybe get a temporary job while im waiting to take the board, party, clubbing, shopping, and so much more. I feel like school has taken up so much of my time. Its ok though. Not only is it worth it in the end and not only am I gonna be rolling in cash, but I actually got through nursing school. I know Im smart just lazy. haha it feels great being so close to accomplishing your goals and finally accomplishing something Ive worked so hard for during the past year. I can finally shop for all the designer bags Ive been wanting. Chanel, Louise Vuitton, Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, etc. All the designer clothes and shoes I want. All the makeup I want. haha I cant wait. I am still deciding wether or not i should continue to be an RN or try to be something else. I never wanted to be a nurse, this was just my backup. I guess Ill get more of a feel when I actually start working, and ill decide then.

And also, I cant believe the shit going on. I hope in the end she makes the right decision. Cuz if she doesnt, I swear I wont stop till I bring that fucking hobbit down and put his ugly ass in jail. And the rest of the bitches who were involved in this shit. Deleting me wont do shit you dumb bitch. Ughh. I am just worried for my mom. Of all people, she does NOT deserve this. Im happy I have my cousin to help me get through this hard time. Ill continue to pray for her.

Anyways, I have clinicals tomorrow. Night!

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