Thursday, March 26, 2009


so ive been hearing all these crazy rumors about the big upcoming earthquake. derick is getting on my case to be prepared and even wants to get me some things for a survival kit. i know it may sounds like were overreacting, but you never know. histoy says that were due for one, espcially since its been 15 years since the last big earthquake in northridge. what sucks is that if it happens, LA will probably be hit bad because we sit right on top of the titonic plates. its scary thinking about it. ive been researching ways to stay safe and what to do in case it is a destructive earthquake. my first instinct would probably be saving my makeup but its not even worth wearing makeup if your face gets jacked from falling objects trying to save them. lol. on the news there was over 175 little earthquakes in just one day near diego area and they are getting stronger. the last one i heard about was rated a 4.5. oceanographers are hoping that since weve been having so many little earthquakes, maybe that is why the big one has not hit, because the plates have been moving little by little over the years. hopefully, a big earthquake does not need to strike =/ i usually would not take such things like this seriously until something happens, but since ive been in nursing school and since seeing people who have become paralyzed due to car accidents and other careless things. i try to take shit a little more seriously now.

anyways, on a happier note, i really want to go to disneyland or six flags or just some sort of theme park. i usually dont like theme parks cuz theres too much walking and waiting in lines involved but for some reason i feel like going. ill talk to derick about it. omg ive been home all week babysitting and working out. i need to get out of this house! i hope tomorrow me and derick can watch the haunting in conneticut and just chill. i really want to see this movie cuz it actually looks like it would be scary. horror films are the bomb =]

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