Sunday, March 8, 2009

working out.

I AM OFFICALLY GONNA START WORKING OUT TOMORROW! i dont care if im sick or feel like crap or whatever else. im sick of this heffa weight. it aint cute no more. i am gonna set my alarm so i can wakeup by 10. have breakfast and start working out by atleast 11. and be out of the shower by 12 in time for my stupid antibiotic i need to take for my ear infection. then ill start studying for the board. i hate feeling like my days are wasted not doing anything productive. at first it was such a relieve not doing anything and just lounging around cuz school totoally burned me out. but now i feel like im wasting so much time. whatever, ill stop worrying and whining about it. ill get shit done. im gonna work out tomorrow! i cant wait to drop this heffa weight! plus working out makes you feel so good after you do it and helps relieve stress. i plan to workout atleast 4 times a week. im not really gonna go on a diet, but i will try to eat better and try not to eat right before i knock out. cut down on the rice and soda. hahaahhaa

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