Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michelle Ruan

my skank michelle ruan is coming home this week. me and my girls gotta party it up! it sucks though cuz i know i cant chill everyday while shes here like i planned. my mom is seriously starting to get on my case about studying and getting ready for the nclex. im reading the saunders nclex review right now but im planning to get the kaplan review nclex book cuz i heard it was the best to go for.

all our plans with michelle coming home are all scattered. i really wanna go clubbing and drink up. or atleast a kickback a dinner or something. and then i also have to plan out a date with michelle and sol. come one we grew up together we need some time also. and i keep promising princess that i will make some time and chill with her also. i miss everyone. im doing my best to stay focused and study hard so i can pass the board and start working already. i know once i pass the board i can do whatever the heck i want. but for now, STUDY STUDY STUDY!

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