Monday, April 20, 2009


omg summertime is here! im so excited! theres soo many things to plan and do. and it also means its time for me to get into shape. i know ive been saying that once i graduate from school ill workout everyday and diet and all this, but omg i havent done anything for the past month but lounge around my house and eating. im not too concerned with losing too much weight. i just want to lose a little so i can skank it up with cute outfits this summer lol. last time i lost 35 lbs and i felt like an anorexic whore cuz i lost all my curves. haha so this time, i just want to workout on a regular basis, eat better but not go on a crazy diet, and just try to be more healthy. but summer is here! here is my summer to do list with my sluts and my boyfriend:

-beach bumm of course!
-disneyland or six flags or knotts
-take the nclex
-& more when i think of some

it sucks to go shopping for summer outfits right now cuz im fat. i really need to start working out on a regular basis. i even made a workout plan with sol. haha as soon as i start working im getting a gym memebership.

so this past week has been so much fun spending time with all my girls. im bummed that i didnt get to see my skank Margie not even once. hopefully we chill soon cuz i miss my beeyatch. heres a little recap of the this week.

monday: dinner at stonefire grill and movie with my bffs michelle and sol. we watched observe adn report and omg sooo funny. afterwards went back to michelles pad and chilled for a bit before wifey took me home

tuesday:dentist appointment. shopping at this cute clothing boutique. dinner at burger king with my uncle and little cousins. went home and tried to study.

wednesday:spent the day with my fav whores angie and michelle. shopped around forever 21 and charlotte rouse. angie and i were scared to walk into macys to the mac counter cuz thats dangerous territory. lol i wish i was working though cuz i only had enough money for 2 tops and a cute zebra print necklace. its cool though im satisfied with that. after we shopped we walked around farmers market and grubbed chicken terikyaki. went to red mango for dessert. then grabbed pizza from little caesars, chilled at my pad and waited for evie to get there, and gossiped and goofed around all night long.

thursday:did nothing. tried to study.

friday:spent the day with my boo. waited for my sluts michelle and sol to get there for our sleepover. cam whore session. watched george lopez. grubbed. knocked out

saturday:michelles mom picked us up and went to her pad. chilled before we got ready for michelles coming home party. hommies came through, drank up, chilled, hooka, and more good times.

sunday:sol and i went to church and chilled before her mom picked her up around 3 thirty.

now i really need to get back to reality and start again with my workouts and studying. i hate it when derick and i fight cuz it ruins my whole routine and then i get to lazy and sad to workout and study. i need to get on it. i want to take my board within 2 months and i dont even feel halfway ready. and i really want to be in shape and look good this summer so i need to workout and atleast try to eat better. its all good. i got this.

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