Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random blog

So tomorrow Derick and I are supposed to go to the strip place in Santa Monica. Just chill and enjoy since he's graduating and finally getting his degree! I'm really proud of him. Finally, a Friday after how long where we don't have to stay home cuz he has to finish up his essays. We're gonna walk around, enjoy the music, shops and food. Maybe stop by the beach afterwards. Butch is supposed to come with us but that slut is not answering my text. Answer my text hoe! Hahaha.

Angie and Evie were asking me about cosmic bowling tomorrow night also. I'm down. I've never tried cosmic bowling. Butch, Kit, Derick and I were supposed to go a couple weeks ago but we ended up just grubbing at Outback Steakhouse instead and busting a mission at Reseda Point. lol. Margie was texting me a forward about clubbing and I soo wanted to go but she wasn't even gonna go. I don't want to go clubbing without my whore by my side hahahaa. Hopefully we get to chill soon cuz I haven't seen her for a while. I wonder who else is going bowling tomorrow though.

Saturday Derick and I will probably just stay home and cuddle. I usually like to go out on Fridays and stay home with him on Saturday so we can really spend time together before he goes home. But who knows. Maybe something will come up.

Omg! I FINALLY found the perfect foundation that actually is my skin tone and doesn't make me look all dark and tan after I had it on for a while, & one that makes my skin look flawless. Who would have thought that it was from Rimmell cosmetics some stuff I could buy at CVS for 7 bucks?! AWESOME :)I am soo getting it. It works 10 times better than all my MAC and Chanel and other foundations and powders. I absolutely love it. Thanks to Sol for introducing me to the stuff. hahahahaha. & NYX has some bomb lipsticks. I always thought that MAC and all that other pricey cosmetic lines were the only ones worth buying but now I see they were a waste of money. NYX lipstick comes on gorgous and works just as well as MAC lipsticks.

Today I was bored out of my mind. I'm so happy to be getting out of the house this weekend. All I did was lounge around the house, study a bit, watch tv, and eat. Sol was late getting here also cuz she had over time at work and I was getting lazy to workout. Good thing she persuaded my heffer ass to workout. We did our same cardio routine and we also upped our sit ups. We did double what we usually do =] Yahh boyy I'm bringin my sexy back! Hahaha. I also downloaded a bunch of cool apps for my BLACKBERRY. I don't know how I would get by without it. Lol. I'm listening to Iheart radio right now. Sooo dope.

Oh Romana now also passed the board along with Nikki. Congrats girls! I can't wait to pass also! lol. I'm glad to say that my test taking skills are getting better. I'm gonna also focus on my memorizing lab values, math, and common medications because I heard there was a bunch of stuff on those things.

I'm listening to ISLAND 98.5 radio station right now. It plays like hawaiian and reggae music =] I've never heard it before. Omg this blog is so random, but I don't care. Whatever.

Omg I did something so funny. So I was on Kim Kardashian's website and she was doing this queen of the Kims contest. Top 5 or something who look like her and the one who wins gets a phone call from Kim, makeup and jewelry. & I was like oh man I want that makeup and bling but I wont win cuz I dont even look like her. But when I was lookin at all the girls submitting photos of themselves omfg! I even look more like her than them chicks! Hahaha so I submitted myself and who knows? Maybe I have a chance. hahaha. Omg I'm so dumb.

I'm hungry right now. I'm craving bbq chopped salad and breadsticks from Stonefire Grill. Omg Butch finally texts me back. Kit why do you have to go to work at 4-8?! Reschedule girl so you can come with us! Hahahahahaahah ok that's enough rambling I think. Nite people!

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