Thursday, May 7, 2009

too much cleaning!

i have been so tired and stressed this whole week that sol and i havent been able to workout. its so frustrating, i feel like a cow when i dont workout. ive been spring cleaning with my mom this whole week. im just too exhausted. sol and i are gonna start again on monday though and this time the advanced workout. i have to get hot. my mom also talked about helping me with my diets and making me her bomb salads so its easier for me not to eat junk, just cuz thats all thats ever in the house.

today i cleaned the living room, dining room, staircase, my room, and my bathroom. i even scrubbed my carpet and washed my curtains and bedsheets. its so refreshing and the house smells like pinesol. afterwards i could barely walk. my mom even gave me a foot rub. lol. then sol came over and we just had dinner and chilled for a bit since we were too tired to do our workout routine. tomorrow i dont even knw wsup. if im gonna see him or not. he was asking me if he can still come over though.

so nikki passed the board and shes now part of HNA (hot nurses of america) lol. i need to get back to studying so i can join soon. hahahahaahaha. ugh even my fingers ache just typing up this blog from all that scrubbing.

one thing that really bugs me. why does everyone tell me that dericks ex girlfriend and i look alike or act alike or what not? its so annoying, especially cuz i dont even think we resemble each other. whateverrr.

anyways, im tired but i cant seem to fall asleep. im in the mood for an andventure and shopping. i havent really felt like partying or going out lately. i just want to shop. i dont even fit into my jean skirts anymore my ass and hips are huge again since ive gained weight. i feel like such a heffer, i cant wait to workout. i want to shop for shoes, summer clothes, jewerly, cute scarves, a new bag, and makeup. i tried sols rimmell foundation and omg it works beautifully! and its only 7 bucks. honestly it might even be better than my mac mineral satinfinish foundation, my clinique foundation, my sephora foundation, and my benefit foundation. i think im gonna go get it myself.

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