Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stonefire Grill

I have such a pounding headache. My headaches are just getting worse and worse. Thank GOD my ct scan is on Friday already. I hope there's nothing seriously wrong. I feel like there's increased pressure and sometimes I'll feel a sharp pain out of no where but it only happens on the right side of my head. The headache usually starts on the right side of my head and radiates towards the backside of my head. It doesn't feel like normal headaches and I've been having them for a couple of months already. Ughhh I hope I'm ok. It even effects my eyes. Like I would have a hard time seeing clearly and my eyes ache or something as if I've been trying to read in the dark for hours =( Atleast I'm getting it checked out already. Good thing I have good insurance cause ct scans are pricey.

Even though I've been feeling so blahh, tonight I'm going to have dinner with my bff at Stonefire Grill!! My absolute fav restaurant. I can't wait to grub on my bbq chopped salad and breadsticks. Hahahah. Plus I just need time to be out. Being at home all the time is so boring! I know I don't really want to be a nurse because the job is so difficult but atleast once I start working I won't be so bored out of my mind all the time! After dinner Sol and I need to stop by CVS and maybe we can look at the thrift store right nxt to it. I got so many cute tops and knick knacks the last time I was there. I never would have thought I would actually like bargain shopping! lol. Thanks to my Tita Celwyn.

It's been 3 weeks since I last worked out. Things just keep getting in the way. I really need to start again. Ugh and my brother got me sick. How are you gonna drink from someones cup who has strep throat? DUMB!!! & now I think I have it. Seriously, it hurts.

So I gotta get ready soon. I usually get dolled up but it's cold and gloomy today and I already don't feel well so I'll probably just wear sweats and a sweater. I do however feel like putting on some makeup =]

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