Saturday, June 6, 2009

With my Momma <3

Today Derick and I spent almost the entire day with my mom. She came home early and cooked for us because she had a doctors appointment. Derick and I went with her cause she didn't want to be alone. We were just chit chatting and goofing around. After her appointment we went to have like a late lunch early dinner at Olive Garden. I got the nastiest weird meat thing ever. It sounded good on the menu. My mom ended up giving me half of her meal. I love that my boyfriend gets along with my parents so well, especially my mom. She loves him more than me for real. lol. We finally got home then I had to rush and get ready for this Bible Study with Derick's cousin Lyn. She's so nice and so were all the people I met at her church. It was different that a Catholic Church. There was food after so we grubbed with Lyn. On our way home Allan who has been MIA forever hits us up out of no where and says there's a kickback at his pad because it was Joey's birthday. Derick and I were exhausted so we went home first, watched a bit of MTV movie awards again, picked up my brother and went to Allan's for like 5 minutes and that foo wasn't event there! lol I was too tired to get dolled up so I went to the kick back bummin it like this. lol


Ughh I need to lose weight!


  1. It's always nice to have a mother and daughter day. =) I have those lazy days too and dress up, but you look cute and comfy. =)