Monday, July 20, 2009

Late night blogging

I can't sleep right now. I've been up for a couple hours rereading the 7th Harry Potter book.

I hope I get to chill with Sol today. I haven't seen her for almost a month already. I've been stuck at home all week. I need to get out and laugh and have a good time. I was at the mall with Derick on Saturday but that doesn't count cause we fought the whole way there, while we were there, the whole way home, and most of the time when we were actually chillin at my pad already. It's so sad. Maybe love ISN'T enough.

Anyways, on a happier note, I have been doing so much better with my diet and working out. I've been working out everyday this week for an hour and watching my calories. I've been writing down everything I eat and I am keeping track of all the calories I eat. I even got this application on my blackberry where I can search how much calories are in certain foods and a calorie tracker which calculates and tracks my daily calories. Omg soo helpful! I think I'm finally back on track! I actually feel motivated enough to actually go through with this all the way! Lose this weight and be hot again! I feel like I can't even go a day without working out. I never realized how much it relieves my stress and how good it feels after wards knowing that I am that much closer to my goal.

Today I got hit on as much as I usually would. For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling unattractive and not getting hit on as much cause of my excessive weight gain. But I guess I'm making progress =).

My nclex is in exactly 2 weeks. I really really need to study twice as hard and twice as long for these remaining days. I hope and pray that I pass! My family really needs this already!

Another thing, my grandmas bday party is coming up & I am totally dreading having to see my cousin. We got into a big fight recently and it would just be really awkward being in the same party together. Man even family would turn their back on you. What is up with this world? =/

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