Friday, August 21, 2009


My mind is such a blank right now. All I feel is bitterness and anger and hatred. Towards everyone. Especially those I loved who betrayed me and let me down. & all of a sudden the bitches I already hated, like those nasty ass bitches who hate on me, Ughh I hate them 10 million times more and I feel like killing someone! I know I sound totally evil right now, but that's how I feel. So many people that I trusted and loved, even my own family, my own BEST FRIEND and my own BOYFRIEND. I feel so abandoned. I just don't trust anyone anymore. I really am filled with so much hate right now. I keep praying that it will go away, I hate feeling like this =( Everything I thought I had already put in the past is resurfacing, except all those horrible feelings are 10 times stronger. Cause the last person I gave my all too and trusted with all of me, left me :`(


  1. i know how you feel. trust me have faith and keep praying, ask god to guide you and help heal you. seriously if you have the time read the book the shack. i posted a blog on it. believe me its really inspirational, i promise you it will help somewhat. its short so you dont have to worry about reading some monster book. i hope it does help.
    -if God is with us who could be against us.