Sunday, August 2, 2009

So close

So my NCLEX is this Tuesday and I am mad stressing out. Seriously. When I'm just practicing taking tests and everything else, I swear I get almost every question correct. & now I'm a total nervous wreck because my test is so close, I can barely even get ONE question right! What is wrong with me!?! I was never able to work well under pressure. I was always like that. But now its taking everything in me to try to get rid of all these negative, stressful, nervous feelings! As soon as I feel myself chill and be confident that I know what I'm doing, I get it all right. If I'm nervous I tend to over think everything and get it wrong. Ughh I gotta get it together like right now!

I love my boyfriend so freakin much! He is the best <3 He is amazing, and sweet, and patient, and supportive, and loving, and he helped me get through this stressful past 2 days with all my studying. He literally put up with my whiney ass the whole time. lol. He catered to my every need. If I needed a drink or anything else he got it for me. He gave me big comforting hugs, and loving passionate kisses. He fed me, and rubbed my aching back and helped me with my studying and stuff that I had problems with. OMG I freaking love him! Thank you for everything my love!

So as of my diets and workouts, I've been eating better and keeping count of all my calories on my blackberry. I really wanted to work out more this week but I really felt as if I didn't have the time or energy cause of all my studying and stressing out over my exam. Ughh. As soon as this is over with, I'm going to be working out twice as much. I really do miss being fit and healthy and hot.

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