Wednesday, August 26, 2009

YES! Finally some progress.. with EVERYTHING!! =)

I'm so happy! I've been consistent with my diet and working out and I'm finally starting to see some results lol. Not much but even just a little is good. I've been working out atleast an hour a day, eating better and in smaller portions and it feels so great! My arms don't feel as jiggily, my tummy feels smaller and I feel like I have more energy :)Yesterday I actually felt like I was gonna start CRYING cause I thought I wasn't gonna have the time to work out! lol OMG! It's starting to become my obsession again to lose this weight, and for real this time. That's how I know I'm serious this time. Hahahaha.. I ended up working out at my BFF's pad and her mom even made really yummy yet healthy dinner! I still need to go to the market and buy fruits and veggies so I can make a salad. I want to cut down on my rice more but it's hard cause there's never anything else to eat at my house! I'm babysitting right now but as soon as I'm done blogging, ima get my workout on! lol. My goal is seriously to be decent weight and size by December! & I want to look hotter on my 21st bday in November!

Today I'm babysitting again. I have to workout and shower, then Wifey is gonna come over so we can finally talk to "J" again and workout our issues. It's been almost a year since I've talked to her and I was in total shock when she actually messaged me and apologized for everything. My other Best Friend. Idk . I guess no matter how much we fight, in the end we always find each other again. I'm curious as to how its gonna go down but shes coming over today so I gotta workout and do the things I need to do before she gets here. I still have jedokan at 6 til 9!

As of me and my boyfriend, we're doing better. I mean, our communication skills are improving some what. There's less yelling and curse words. More patience and understanding. We still make mistakes here and there but we remind each other our promises to save this relationship and manage to get it back on track. I just want everything to be fixed already. I know its going to take a lot of time though. When we're happy, we're so blissfully happy. Passionate, amazing, beautiful, real, soo crazy in love. But when we fight, we're so miserable. Ughh I'm willing to do anything I can to fix US. I love him so much. I gotta do whatever it takes, & I know he'll do the same.

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