Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Been so out of it lately.

I don’t know why I feel so out of it and kind of sad lately. Well, I think I know. Boyfriend drama. Ughh. It’s the same routine over and over. I feel myself getting drained. It’s getting harder and harder to find the energy and drive to keep fighting for this relationship. I think we really need some space from each other. Some time to ourselves so we can get our issues together and maybe learn to appreciate each other a little more. Even though I think that’s what we really need, I know we can’t do it. We’ll miss each other to much. It will be too hard to function and go about our days without each other. It’s so hard. I wish we can just resolve these issues. I just want to be happy. I’m so tired of always having to complain about the same things.

I think this is part of the reason why I’ve been having a hard time getting things done that I need to get done like working out and what not. I mean, I have been working out, I just havent been into it. I feel like a zombie and I’m literally forcing myself to finish it. But I’m proud of myself cause atleast I do it and get it done. Omg I just need to go shopping. I’ll feel so much better if I just shopped. I really want these tan Steve Madden boots and this cute Vicky Secret hoodie and sweatpants set. I need a bunch of winter clothes and thats what I’m gonna aim for on my trip to San Jose and for my bday and Christmas gifts.

On a brighter note, today actually feels like fall :) I love love love love the end of the year I can’t talk about it enough. The weather, the holidays, the clothes. Just everything. I can finally start wearing all my cute scarves, jackets and boots again. Halloween is coming and I’ve been reading a bunch of scary stories and trying to watch scary movies to get myself into the halloween spirit lol. I know I’m like a little kid but I don’t care. I love halloween. I really want to go to a theme park for halloween like fright fest or something! That would be so fun! I also can’t wait till the radio starts playing Christmas music and it starts to really get cold, when we put up our tree and decorations :) Yayy!

As soon as I come home from my trip to San Jose, I’m gonna ask all my hookups for jobs to start asking around already. I actually had an interview today but my mom decided not to let me do it cause it’s in LA and I can barely even drive around my own area. It’s too far. I really hope to be working by the time I get back. I have soo soo much stuff I want to buy. Not just for myself. I want to buy everyone Christmas gifts and I also really want my maltese teacup before this year is over, if not the beginning of next year hopefully. I also really want Steve Madden, Burberry and a Marc Jacobs handbags! lol.

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