Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My goals before the end of this year:
-lose weight!!
-get a job as an lvn
-move up a belt in my jedokan martial arts class
-buy a maltese teacup puppy
-go back to school for forensic science

I am so anxious to start working already! It's so hard though cause no place is hiring unless you have a year or more experience. I am really really hoping that my mom's hook up or Jardine's hookup will pull through for me. I can't wait to start working, get out of the house and make that monayy!! I am gonna get a gym membership, a maltese teacup, and I can finally pay off my loan and help my parents with the bills, and also spoil all those that I love <3

To do this week:
Wed - Workout, Finish laundry
Thurs - Workout, Clean bathroom, Fix Microsoft Word & Norton protection on my laptop
Fri - Workout, Clean up my room/rearrange furniture, Make resume
Sat - Jedokan Anniversary Potluck
Sun - Church, Lunch with the fam
Mon - Workout, Job Hunting
Tues - Sol's 21st Bday!! Venice beach in the morning, Kabuki sushi for dinner, Citywalk

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