Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Employed!

GOD is so good to me. I can’t believe how BLESSED I am. Today, even though there were no openings, I was finally offered a job as an lvn!! I can’t believe it! I have a job!! It’s been so difficult looking for one cause I have no experience. But it happened for me! The facility is really nice. It’s not too far. The pay is AWESOME :) I just can’t believe how lucky I got! & the Director of nurses is so super nice! I start my training and orientation on Tuesday!

I just feel kind of sad cause I know I’m not gonna have as much time for my boyfriend, my bffs or even myself. BUT it’s ok. We’ll make time. It’s time for me to grow up and be an adult. First thing I’m gonna do is get a gym membership lol. I did NOT forget that I have 20 more lbs to drop! I think working will actually help me lose some weight also! Yay I can go Christmas shopping this year! Everyone is gonna get some bomb gifts! lol. I can’t wait to spoil those that I love and me too! hehehehe…

Thank you LORD for all my blessings! YOU are soo good to me <3

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