Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First day on the floor.

Today is only my second day at work and first day actually on the floor and I am SOO DEAD TIRED. Literally. I can’t even walk. I can barely even keep my eyes open to blog about this right now and its only 7 thirty pm. BUT even though it’s mad exhausting, I love it so far :) My boss and my co workers are so friendly, supportive and helpful. Everyone is so welcoming. It really is everything I was looking for in a facility to work in as an LVN. The pay is bomb too! I just feel soo blessed. I know I will get used to the constant standing and hectic work that I have to do but hey, I’m makin big bucks PLUS helping those in need so it’s all good.

I reviewed how to pass medications, give insulin shots, accucheck, read the MAR, give medications through a Gtube, prepare drip rate feedings, & charting. Vince is so awesome! He was so helpful. Even though he was soo behind schedule he would still stop to help me learn. I hope the rest of my co workers are just as nice as those in my morning 7 to 3pm shift. All of next week I am working from 3 to 11pm & the week after start working the 11 pm to 7 am graveyard shift. Hopefully everyone else are just as chill as my 7 to 3 pm co workers.

My first paycheck I need to invest on more scrubs & other things that I need for work. The next paycheck will be for my birthday plans & Christmas gifts. Then the next I will start saving or buying all the goodies that I want wooohh! SHOPPINGGG!!!! SHOPPINGGG!!! SHOPPINGGGGG!!!

haha now back to watching Spongebob before I really do knockout. Another BUSY BUSY BUSY day tomorrow. I’m literally standing for 7 hours straight! Ahhhhh!!!

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