Tuesday, November 10, 2009

all worth it!

Omg work has been so crazy. Today was my first day ALONE on the medication cart and I was still passing 9 am meds at 2 thirty pm. My co workers had to help me get it done & on top of that I had to fill out 2 incident reports! I didn’t leave work till 4 thirty when I’m supposed to get off at 3. Plus I only took a 10 minute break just to stuff my sandwich down my throat for some extra energy! I was so busy I didn’t even realize that I was literally standing for 9 hours straight! My legs are aching soo bad! I’m just really glad that my staff is so helpful and supportive. But I got my first paycheck today and that TOTALLY made it all worth it :)

Tomorrow after I workout, I am gonna get my nasty eyebrows threaded and go shopping! I have my eye on this really cute bag & hot skinny jeans from Urban Outfittters. Maybe get some MAC makeup too since it’s been a while. Afterwards I am FINALLY gonna get a day with my besties! I miss them so much! We haven’t kicked it in about a month already! Hmm I think we should grab lunch and stop by tarjay cause I need to get girly necessities. Anything is cool just as long as I see them!

& also I’m so happy I’m finally seeing some results with my diets and workouts!! 19 lbs lost already! Now I only have 15 more to go. Working out, plus dieting PLUS working and standing all day and not having any time to eat will make me drop the rest like nothing! I hope I can lose it by the end of December so I will be sexy by 2010! & this time I will actually maintain it!

P.S I love you momma! Your the best! <3


  1. wow seems like you were a little on the busy side lol u got it though girl, sooner than later u will get all ur meds done in an hour. and keep at it with your weight loss, and congrats on it too.

  2. me too! i need to lose another 10 maybe 15 pounds; or skinny -er than my boyfriend. what are you doing as a means to lose weight and still be healthy?

    i wanna look good before my 21st bday! aha. :D

    hope you are doing swells!