Friday, November 20, 2009

Schedule for the week

Work is FINALLY getting easier! I’m not dying at the end of the shift anymore! Wooh!

Friday: Gotta get up early to workout then meet with my Wifey for a Christmas shopping Prep. I need to look around already for what to get everyone.

Saturday: See my boyfriend for a bit then work from 3 to 11 again. Ugh.

Sunday: Church & relax all day long! My favorite!

Monday: With the boyfriend again then work from 11-7 am. Omg.

Tuesday: Sleep in a bit then get ready to spend a fun day with my girls& Matt! We’re gonna watch New Moon! yayy! I want to watch it on a day when HOPEFULLY it wont be too packed! lol. Then grub at Gyu kaku for an early birthday dinner. Omg I’m getting old! Gross!

Wednesday:Paydayy yall! Woottt!

Thursday: Thanksgiving with the fam bam <3

Friday 27th: Double birthday dinner with Mary and Leelan.

Omg I cant believe we might be moving! Probably around Granada Hills or Northridge area. Ive been researching a bunch online. I hope the house will have a pool! Awesome! I’m so ready for a new atmosphere! I’m so excited & I hope it pulls through!

Ughh I’ve been piggin out for the past week but not gaining weight either cuz working/working out keeps it off. Today was my last day of pigging out for real. I still have 14 lbs to go!

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