Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ok so my anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in about 2 weeks. What to do?!? I want to do something different and hella romantic. & shopping yeeee!! i want to do some crazy shit too like sky diving or bungie jumping or something adventurous. hmmm…. gotta think of something good.

Omg 3 days off work was so needed. I worked for 7 days straight last week, & I was totally beat! I got to see my girls, my bf and my family <3 FINALLY!!! I got my Marc Jacobs handbag that I’ve been dying for. I got to relax and fucking chill for once. But boo my fatass kept eating and DID NOT work out the whole time! Whatever, I really needed to stop worrying and stressing out about everything so much and just unwind and refresh myself, even for just 3 days. Tomorrow it’s back to my usual routines. Wakeup, breakfast, kickboxing, chill before work, work from 3 to 11, get home, knockout and the cycle continues the next day. I set myself back a week from my goal weight though :(

I think I’m gonna see jardine and sol on wednesday. We’re all actually off on the same day. That’s really rare, so might as well make the best of it. We’ll probably do our ususal thing. Run errands, eat, shop and watch movies. Good enough for me :)

& I’m so irritated with myself that I decided to get the sidekick 3g when i last upgraded and not the blackberry. Ughh it doesnt even compare. Im gonna sell it & just get the blackberry bold. Hit me up if anyone is interested.

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