Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hmmm Life is good :) Things are a lot better between my boyfriend and I. We've been able to communicate and understand each other easier & we've been fighting less. We have so much fun when we're not arguing constantly. It makes me sad cause we dont get to see each other as much cause my work schedule and his class schedule conflict so much. I can't wait till he moves back to the valley at the end of the year! Then we can chill whenever we want! Yayy!! So I just have to be patient. December will be here soon enough.

The years have been passing by like nothing. It still feels like yesterday that I was in nursing school with all my classmates. & I cannot believe I've been working at ParkWest for half a year already. It's so crazy. It's getting easier. I'm able to adapt and be more positive about things. Nursing really is no joke. You HAVE to have thick skin and a positive mind to get through it. At first I was such a mess but I am SO HAPPY that it's not so hard anymore. I mean, sometimes things are extra stressful or don't go my way but overall I can hang now without falling apart. Thank GOD. I just need to start saving up already so that I can go back to school already.

Ok so I've been doing this really intense workout called insanity. OMG I lovvveeee! I only did it for a week so far and I already totally see results! I just gotta eat right and I will be a hot bitch in no time! Hahahaha!

Over the past couple weeks I've just been chillin with my girls. Here are some pics.

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