Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relaxing day

Today was so needed. I spent the morning with my boyfriend. We chilled at my pad for a while then went to have lunch at Chili's. Then ran some errands. Came home and he helped me tidy up my room a bit. Even though thats all we did I'm glad I got to spend some time with him. We have fun either way & I really do miss him so much. Work is taking up all our time together. I cant wait till he moves back to the valley!!!

Here's us at Chili's. We look soo towed up LOL.

Then he left for a couple hours since he had school activities. I worked out then showered and lounged around my room all day watching movies & playing on my macbook. I'm glad I didn't go out. My body has been so burnt out especially since I've been doing this more advanced workout. I sooo needed to just chill & relax. Then he came back around 8ish and we just finished watching Legion. I love our movie nights. He left already I hope we can spend time together again soon.

My body feels a little more refreshed. I hope I'm ready for the next workouts!! On saturday I have to add cardio abs on top of cardio power & resistance!! Ahhhhh I'm scared!! Lol. I love it but I hate it. Hahahahahahaa. It's all good. I need to be in shape this summer! So much to do! Disneyworld, Six Flags, Catalina Island, Beach, Picnic & so much more!! I want to look hot! lol.

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