Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old Nana

I've been in such a bad mood since yesterday and today. I even went shopping hoping it would make me feel better and it didn't. The necklace I wanted from Tiffany & Co. wasn't as cute as it was online. So I just got some blush, brow powder from Anastacia at Sephora and a cute white polo top. So shopping today was blahh. I realy wanted to get the burberry handbag I've been wanting or a marc jacobs one but I can't blow too much cash right now. i need to save up for a car.

Theres just so many things right now bugging me. Of course once again I'm fighting with my bf. Nothing new but it still sucks when I miss him a lot. Theres are so many fees that I cant stand at all. No wonder I rarely have any girlfriends. I stress so much on my time resting before I have work again that I forget to LIVE. Im such a nana lately. All I wanna do is stay home and relax. Now that I have the money and privilege to do whatever I want and go out whenever I dont feel like it. I'm missin out on so much just cause I over think too much. I'm young I can handle not resting all day and just sleeping for a bit before work. I dont know whats wrong with me. Why do I make everything so difficult? I was stressed out today after the mall cause I wanted to be home by 4 and it was traffic. & just so I could get into bed to watch movies the rest of the evening. There's something wrong with me seriously.

I need to stop & just live it up. I CAN'T let work take over my life. What's the point of working and having money when I cant even go out and spend it on things I enjoy just cause I feel like I need to be in bed all day to be rejuvenated? Ughhhh. & summer is here. I gotta stop whining get out of bed, workout and just have fun. Whats the point of everything if I dont? I know thats part of the reason why I've been sad & stressed out. Ok from now on I'm gonna drop all this negativity and just be positive and happy me again. Another downfall for me but I always get back up stronger. Thank you LORD for guiding me always. I love you.

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