Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer is finally here!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. First I woke up lounged around with my morning coffee while watching Spongebob and then my sis and I got our workout on! Flicks before our workout.

I spent the day with my boyfriend. We went to his doctors appointment, ran some errands then had an early dinner at our fave thai restaurant. I love our dates especially when were not fighting lol. We have such a good time. Here's a flick of us before we left.
Afterwards we went to chill with Margie & Angie at Butch's pad. It was super chill yet fun. We just played video games and messed around the whole evening. Its starting to feel like summmaa time :) Yay im excited!

Anyways Im so happy about my new schedule at work. Thank you LORD for another amazing blessing! I love you!

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