Monday, August 23, 2010

4 More days :)

Just 4 more days until the love of my life comes home to me :) I'm so anxious the days are going by even slower even though its so much closer now. I'm doing everything I can to get prepared. His birthday is tomorrow so I have to still get him a few bday surprises. I need to get as tight & fit as I can! For his birthday I will treat him to whatever he wants & do whatever he wants. Maybe some sushi or korean bbq? But at a nice place where we can get dressy. OMG I cannot wait to see my boo again! Yayy!

I'm so proud of myself cause for the first time in almost a year that I've been TRYING to lose weight this is honestly the FIRST time where I and everyone around me can see huge differences. I want my boyfriend to be drooling when he sees me lol. It feels so good! All my clothes fit so much looser. My muffin tops are not bulging over my pants anymore. My arms are more toned & skinnier but yet I still have my thickness. I want to lose weight but I dont want to lose my curves. Insanity is AMAZING! & my diet is the biggest part. I dont eat past 1200 calories a day plus my insane workouts 4 to 6 days a week. I will lose the rest in no time! Holllerrr!!

RIght now I'm just waiting for my girlfriends Angie & Jonilyn to scoop me up to hang out for a bit. I need to be home early though cause I have work in the morning. But after work tomorrow I will be with my besties Sol & hopefully Jardine too. We need to run around doing errands & preparing for when my boyfriend gets home! I still need to find a super cute outfit & I still need to prepare for his birthday. On wednesday I might beach it with my friends or just chill with my sister. Probably shop & eat out, our usual. Thursday probably stay home & lounge around, rest up for another long couple days of work, then my boo will be home on Saturday :)

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