Friday, October 1, 2010

This week

My week has been so tiring and stressful. I worked a full 6 days straight and even though I had two days off after, all of wednesday I was out with my girls for my bffs birthday& thursday I was with my boyfriend. Today till next wednesday I'm working for another 6 days straight. I've been so burnt out. Even as exhausted as I am from work I still go home and exercise right away. I think I'm so physically drained where I feel like I'm getting sick. & this stress also made me eat again :(

For the past 3 days I ate bad. Of course I'm disappointed in myself. I was doing pretty well! I really really need to get it together. I think I just feel sad & lonely alot of the time so I dont always feel as driven as much. i miss being my positive happy self. WTF is wrong with me? ughh I guess theres nothing I can do but get back on track and try again.

So my family and I are moving for the second time in less than one year. It's an apartment this time but way cheaper than our house and its so much nicer and pretty big. It's also very close to me & my mom's work so we'll also be saving on gas. I'm so excited! I guess there was always a reason why I never felt settled and at home at this place. The apartment has more of my homey vibe to it. I love that its carpet my the high ceiling. & I love how i get the master bedroom with a balcony! hahaha. We are moving in 3 weeks which means I need to start packing now.

Pics from Wifey's birthday:

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