Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 = EVEN better me!

2011 is finally here and im so excited! This year will be filled with alot of self improvement and im super happy to say that during the these last few months ive been doing extremely well with my personal goals. I've learned to be healthy and more active and now i actually enjoy it. Eating healthy and working out regularly makes me feel so good! All that junk i used to eat is almost all out of my system now. I let my self enjoy treat meals and snacks on occasion though. I've lost more weight and im only 7 lbs away from where i wanna be! Wooh! Yah it took me more than a year to drop the weight but I finally learned that healthy living shouldnt be just to lose weight for the mean time cause i will gain it all back. It def needs to be a lifestyle and I'm getting there. I feel more energetic and happy!

I've also stopped being SUCH A NEGATIVE NANCY AND DEBBIE DOWNER! lol I've learned to really love, enjoy and appreciate being a nurse along with the stress and pressure that comes with the job. It has made me more strong and on top of my game. I love my patients and I can HONESTLY say that I love helping the sick and those in need. Its not all about the money. I love my coworkers and my morning shift. I no longer feel so anxious, overwhelmed and dreading to go to work. Ive learned to have more faith in GOD and just stop worrying and being so negative. As soon as i feel down or stressed or think negative things i can stop myself immediately and fill my mind with thoughts of love, faith, courage and joy. Being positive is much easier for me now even though sometimes I have to work harder than other times.

Ive learned to be more humble and accept my faults and flaws. Most especially right now in my relationship. I made the decision that no matter how much it hurts me, how unfair it may seem, i am going to be completely selfless and just give my boyfriend what he is asking for instead of whining about what I need in this relationship. I can look at the good in him instead of the bad and use that to make me strong. I know how to stop being defensive and im learning to open up my mind and listen to his needs and feelings. I promised myself and him that no matter how long it takes, i will keep trying. Things between us wont be solved or fixed over night and i promised i wont just try to take the easy way out or try for a week and get fed up. i will put my whole heart into and not even think of myself anymore. i would do anything for us. im just happy that ive matured enough to not just be selfish and learn to see his views instead of my own.

This year will be dedicated to improving even more all of the above. Along with really saving up my money and start saving up for school and a car. Last year i didnt save anything. i shopped, went out and had fun. but now its time to get serious and learn to stop spending so much. I really want to go back to school and go further in my career.

2011 = an even better michelle, in every possible aspect :) woohhh here i comee!

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