Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Getaway?

Today at work, Christine and I were talking about just getting away from it all. From our boyfriend drama, work, school and all our problems. Going somewhere far from the valley, a totally different enviroment and a some place with a relaxing and good vibe. We were thinking Hawaii. Enjoy the waves and sun. Get ourselves a nice tan, enjoy the gorgeous scenery and explore. That sounds like Heaven. I just want to get away from everything. Just take a little break from life and all the things that I'm going through, especially with my boyfriend. Even just for one weekend. We were looking online for deals and tickets are up to 700 back and fourth just for the weekend but with hotel stay included. We dont want to tell anyone lol its just for us.

I realized I need to explore life and what else is out there. I don't mean that in a way where I need to explore what other guys out there. I want this to be a totally fullfilling and adventurous and rejuvenating experience just for myself. No men involved. Not even my boyfriend. I want to do this for myself. Let myself see the world and broaden my horizon and step out of my comfort zone. I need to do something for myself. As much as I love my boyfriend, my life cannot revolve around him. It's unhealthy and I need to find something that is just for myself. Find my own independence and my own way without him. Have my own life away from him. Cause my whole world is him. I think it will be healthier for both of us.

I really truly feel like we need a break. Some time to breathe and figure out what we want in life. I think it will be good for us. To get away from all the fighting and stress and pain we inflict upon each other all the time although its not intentional. We just cant seem to stop fighting. We are trying hard to work things out though because we love each other. It actually came down to the point where we are going to start taking couples therapy. We need to do something drastic. I love him and I'm willing to work my hardest and I just need him to do the same.

I really would love to go to Hawaii though. Just Christine and I. The point of this getaway is not to look for other men or party it up or see that theres more fish in the sea just because we are going through a rough patch in our relationships. But its simply for us. To take a break from all the stress in our lives right now and figure out what we want. Just for us. That would be so sooo awesome :)

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