Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slowly but surely getting back up..

Today I got up the nerve to tell him how I'm really feeling. I told him that I'm just so tired of playing these games and all the bs. I'm getting older and trying to get my life together. Go back to school and focus on improving myself. & that I'm just done with all the drama. I dont need this kind of stress. & I told him that I really thought it was for the best if we just take a break. A break from our constant fighting and let our wounds heal since every time we talk or see each other they just seem to get deeper. I really think its something that will open our eyes to what we really want and even help improve our relationship. He called me back and said that he was sorry and really wanted to work things out with me. He told me how he felt and for once was being respectful and a bit more open minded. which was all i ever wanted. We didnt get to finish our conversation cause his phone died but well continue tonight. I really hope we actually get somewhere.

Tomorrow I'm off. I'm gonna get up early and do my circuit and strength training exercises then take my whey protein and get ready for a day with my loves. First gotta stop by the bank then walmart and ralphs cause I have so much grocery shopping and necessities. I'm out of healthy food gotta stock up. Then go home and prepare a couple meals for the week so its quick and easy since I'm working the rest of the week. Meet up with my wifey who I havent seen in forever. Then meet up with my preggos cousin and head over to my aunts birthday party. I'm so excited cause I've seriously been hiding from the world for months now cause lf my bf issues. I gotta get back up and focus on myself and my life.

On Friday I'm really hoping to see my twinnie and angiepoo i miss those girls mad also! and also margie is preggos also I want to see how shes doing. lol. Right now im not even thinking of when im gonna see him or even asking him to come see me. I just dont want to stress anymore. Things will workout if its meant to be. & I'm learning more and more each day to walk with faith & not with sight. I trust in GOD and I know HE will take care of me.

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