Monday, January 30, 2012

lately ive been so full of anxiety and care, especially regarding my goal to lose weight and get to the size i was in high school. i forgot what it was to cast my care on GOD and live in peace as HE works everything out for me. ive been jealous, full of hate and resentment. ive compared myself to girls and ive never felt so ugly and not myself. ive been insecure and negative. ive been stressed and sad. i lost sight of what should be the center of my life which is GOD. my weight and appearance and myself became my focus.

the past few weeks have been hard but with GODS help im slowly getting back on track, feeling peaceful again in GODS love, remembering to cast my cares and trust in and have faith in HIM. thank YOU LORD for always guiding me back to YOU. amen.

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