Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I finaly finished reading Breaking Dawn the 4th and last book of the Twilight series. Omg it was soo awesome! The ending could not have been more perfect. I hate it when good series come to an end. I was sad when I finished all the Harry Potter books too. lol. Hopefully, Stephanie Meyers comes out with another!

So I havent done anything all day except go on youtube watching more makeup and hair tutorials. Im so inspired! I can finally add to my hair and makeup journal thing I created a while back with a bunch of different ideas Ive had so I wont forget all my awesome looks. haha. Its been a while since I have put any new looks in. Im watching this one chick named Hanh or something and she is like a hair queen! She can do any hairstyle. I can finally put my million different hair curlers to good use. lol. I also watch this other chick on youtube who is like my new favorite makeup artist. She can take any color and mix it all together and make it still look natural and hot. She can put orange reds and golds together and still make it look soo pretty. Not tacky looking or over done at all. I have like every color eyeshadow in the world, but I never really used all my funky colors too much. But now I know how to do it and still look good. Soo much fun! I wanna go shopping for makeup so bad. I really want that Nars eyeshadow pallet and some Vincent Longo and Shu Uemura foundation. I also want to try Laura Mercier cosmetics. I heard they had really good but pricey stuff. I cant wait for graduation. I will ask my mom for makeup for my graduation gift. haha

Anyways, I miss my whore Margie. We need to get dolled up and drink again soon slut! I hope plans for Big Bears with Julius and Allan and all the homies go through. Omg it would be so much fun. Snow, Liqs, Cabin, the homies... woohhh! lol.

Tomorrow I have clincials again. Good thing my sight is mad chill. I usually have alot of down time to chill and study. My schedule is so wack though. Whatever, I only have to deal with this for another two months, and then Im free! Omg I gota celebrate big once I get out. Me and my mom were talking about vacationing in the philippines or hawaii once i graduate. That would be so awesome. Just me my mom and sister. Spa time and shopping time and relaxing time. haha okie gotta go. Clinicals tomorrow. bye!

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