Saturday, January 3, 2009

16 random things

1. I am in looovvvvee with makeup.

I have a million different eyeshadows, lipstick, blushes and makeup brushes. Its a fetish. I go crazy if I dont buy makeup here and then =/ Leelan thinks they are a total waste of money cuz i already have everything. haha girls can never have to much makeup ;]

2. I get bored easily.

Ill have a new hobby or obsession for a week or so and then I am totally over it. Last week I was dying for boots and heels. This week, once again, I want to buy a bunch of Nars cosmetics products and more makeup brushes. Hehe. I love it.

3. I collect anything that has to do with fashion or beauty.

For instance, makeup, handbags, jewelry, shoes, so on...

4. i hate nursing

but i do it for the moolaaaa

5. My favorite junk foods are chips and chocolate.

especially during that time of the month. nothing can keep me away. lol

6. I totally adoorree Kim Kardashian.

Shes gorgeous, hot, and soo stylish. Shes nice too! She is my idea of the most gorgeous perfect woman in the world. haha. I like that whole curvacous exotic look. I also get alot of fashion, hair, and makeup tips from her awesome style ;]

7. I have a problem keeping my mouth free of curse words.

I have a major cussing problem. Everything that comes out of my mouth is a curse word. lol i need to work on that.

8. I love dressing up.

Even when i just go to the market, I cant help but to try to look cute. Its just too much fun getting dolled up =]

9. I am dying to try Shu Uemura makeup.

But that is some pricey shiiit. I will as soon as I start working though. Their cream foundation is the bomb!

10. Mickey D's will always be my favorite burger joint.

I never get sick of a big n tasty, fries and a dr pepper. No wonder Im such a heffa!

11. I always check my myspace page and facebook.

It annoys the heck out of derick.. just a habit since I get so bored in class and I sit there on my blackberry.

12. I love to dance and sing

My dancing and singing is rusty cuz its been a while, but I have all the potential in the world.

13. I sleep in the back of my moms van.

Cuz since I totaled my car last year, my mom doesnt trust me to drive myself to school. So I get off at 12, my mom picks me up, and i sleep in her car while I wait for her to get out at 3:15. what a pain!

14. I read the twilight series before anyone even knew about that shit.

So I was not at all impressed with the movie because the book was just soooo much better.

15. I have this tendency to flip my hair all the time

All these hoes thought its cause i was conceited, but its just a fucking habit. I used to get mad hated on for flipping my fucking hair in middle school. WTF?? Hater ass bitches.

16. I would rather stay in and watch movies in my jammies than go out most of the time.

Since school is so tiring, all I ever want to do is just relax. I enjoy having time to myself to jsut chill. Read or watch my favorite shows or whatever else.


  1. So like, you've gotta teach me your skills yeah? No joke

  2. *girls can never have to much makeup

    ahahah i feel youu shoot.
    it's just something weee neeed!