Monday, January 19, 2009

shogun sushi

Today me and the fam grubbed at shogun sushi. omg we ordered this one lobster roll or something and it is my new favorite! i think i like it even more than the shrimp tempura. haha its not even funny, im so bloated right now. im getting my period so i cant even concentrate on my diets and working out. Whats weird is that, even though i know im gettin chubby, i still feel content with myself. i still feel totally attractive. haha all my constant positive energy is awesome. even when im fat i still feel gorgeous. and i still get hit on as if im not even chubby so that helps my confidence too. haahaha im so conceited. whatever. its ok to love yourself. lol. but seriously, as soon as im off my period, im back to working out and eating better. i dnt even remember how many times ive stopped and started again. haha.

Im bummed out i missed margies kickback and that i couldnt chill with sol today. gayy. i need girl time bad. but on the other hand, michelle is coming home from hawaii next week! you know we gonna party it up! haha i hope i didnt miss out too much. i miss my sluts yo! margie well drink up nxt week for sure. lol.

friday i have 100 question test to take. i got alot of studying to do. ughh!


  1. lol
    Aren't compliments the best remedy to bloated days? haha

    Good Luck on your test!

  2. LOL ohh no not nursing. medical assistant and then ultrasound after ;D

  3. Thanks boo, same to you<3