Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ugghh Im so irritated. Fighting with derick is such a pain in the ass. Its the same routine over and over. We fight over the same things, try to prove our points, click on each other, and then makeup a couple hours later =/ Man if we didnt love each other, we wouldve been done a long time ago. Boys -__-. lol

I am soo dreading going back to school on Monday. I really have to step it up this time cuz I am supposed to be graduating in early March and I will not let anything get in the way. Im so close! Free of all my retarded ride issues! Free of my stupid cram sessions! Ill be free!! woooh Im so excited. I know my mom will be crying as i walk the stage and take my diploma. Haha. As soon as Im working as an LVN, I will be shopping like theres no tomorrow. People I must spoil once I finally can:

-Ate Grace
-Slutty Sol

Lately, Ive been all into doing my makeup and hair again. Ive been lazy for such a long time that I didnt really care. But i totally forgot how much fun it is to do something fun and different with your hair and makeup. Its so much fun being a girl. Well, this part of it anyways. lol. It sucks doing nursing cuz you cant do much of anything. Your not allowed to have too much makeup on, your hair has to be up at all times, no nail polish (except for clear or something really light), and you have to wear those ugly scrubs all the time. How annoying. Whatver. Heres a list of stuff that I want/need to buy =]

-Aussie hairspray and mousse,

-Mac Hello Kitty Kouture


-Nars eyeshadow pallet


-York DB Felt Coat from F21


-Sabina Skinny studded bag from Urban Outfitters


-Ceramic Hair straightener

-leopard print pumps

-& more makeup!


  1. ausiee hair products are lovess!

    i wanted to try thee sunsilk creme stuff too. :]

  2. oh and the nars pallet, i saw this girl on youtube using it and it looks good! when yu get it let me knowww what yu think of it ;DD