Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cleaned up and Ish

im watching ABDC right now and i hope beat freaks win. i love quest crew also but i think its the girls time to shine. hahaha so tomorrow i have to go to school to take the hesi predictor test. omg sally mae already sent me a bill =/ i havent even graduated yet! ughh! i need to pass the board quick cuz my mom cant afford these extra bills every month. i also have to stop by borders to pick up tabers nursing dictionary and im deciding between the nursing diagnosis book or the medical terminology book. ill get all of them eventually but my mom only gave me 1 bill for now. so most likely ill get the nursing encyclopedia or dictionary and the nursing diagnosis book. ill ask jorge which are best since ill see him tomorrow.

im excited i finally get to see leelan! i feel like we barely spent anytime together last weekend cuz he had so much hw to do so we really couldnt just chill and relax.

im so happy, i finally did something productive today and cleaned up my room. omg it was so dusty and gross. it feels so much nicer and relaxing now =] i organized my desk and all my books, dusted, changed my sheets and pillow cases, vacumed, and folded/hung my clothes. i decided to start a real journal where i could write more personal and deeper shit. plus i just feel like it. ill keep using my blogspot though cuz its too much fun. i need to get a new 09 planner so i can keep more organized. i already have this little blue one but i want one that is bigger and cuter.

nxt week i will officially start working out and focusing on the board. i cant wait to start working. (AND OMG QUEST CREW JUST WON RIGHT NOW -__-, WHAT A BURN.) i will be shopping every weekend and i can help my mom with all the bills. my days will consist of working out, studying, chilling/relaxing, and eating. hahaha ok good night!

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