Wednesday, March 18, 2009

still awake

man our fighting the past couple of days have been crazy. i feel as if i havent even really talked to him. i dont know. im tired. i want to get away from all this. this is keeping me from doing the things i need to do. we need to chill out for a sec before i murder a bitch for real. ugh watever.
its 2 am and i hate knockin out so late cuz i wakeup so late. i feel like half my day has been wasted. so ill probly be waking up around noon. ill grub and then workout. hop in the shower. clean up the house before the rentz get home. study. visit my little cousins. go home. chill. and study some more. thats basically what my days consist of now. except i can never stay consistent with my workouts and studying. i need to work harder on that. im so bored at home anyways i might as well make good use of my time by preparing for the board and working out. i need to relieve some stress some how. i hate feeling all flabby and i cant even suck in my gut. gross. it feels awesome after a good workout though. id rather go to the gym with my cousin cuz you get more motivated when your surrounded by people trying to acheive the same goal.

friday ill see derick most likely, and hopefully chill with margie and angie that night. i need some girl time. i finaly saw sol on sunday and it felt so good chillin after so long. were planning a sleepover sooon. its been put on hold for far to long. ive missed that slut. anyways ima try to knock out. nite

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