Monday, March 23, 2009

what a gorgeous day

today is such a beautiful gorgeous day. the sun is shining. the wind feels so good on my skin. its one of those days where you just appreciate all the little things. im happy cuz im finally really getting into my study and workout mode. i made myself a study schedule, certain subjects to focus on during certain days. i scheduled each day for when i will workout and study so im not just scattered all over the place. for the past couple of days ive been sad and stressed out feeling like im getting so gross and fat and wasting so much time when i already need to be getting ready for the board. why do i make shit so hard on myself? obviously all i have to do is STUDY and WORKOUT so i can solve those problems. im such a lazy whore i really need to fix that about myself. so now i feel alot better getting things done that should be done. im alot more organized. my cousin is coming over later so we can workout and do some taebo. i also wanted to clean up my room and get some laundry done but my sister is home for spring break and her bed is in the middle of my floor in my way. its cool ill take care of it next week or something.

this weekend ive been chillin. friday i spent the day with my boyfriend just relaxing at my house and doing some hw here and there. on saturday he woke me up and told me to get ready cuz dex and butch wanted to grub some korean bbq or something. so after we dropped off my brother to work we had lunch at pinetree, me and dericks fav korean bbq joint. it was bomb of course. i met butch's new gf. shes cute. hahaha. afterwards derick dropped me off home, chilled for like 15 mins cuz he had to get home early this saturday. he had some stuff to do with his dad. met up with sol around 3 thirty. hit up topanga mall and went shopping! i think my mac brush set is finally complete! lol im so happy.
after we had a late dinner at dennys. got back to my pad and finally had our long awaited sleepover! i love my wifey! i dont think shes slept over since 06 or 05.



anyways, just wanted to blog real quick. back to studying.


  1. so how many cows did they have to kill for those?!?!?!