Saturday, April 11, 2009

today and the rest of the weekend

so i spent the day with derick just sitting around studying and watching movies cuz its good friday and were not supposed to go out and have fun. ive been planning with my girls forever that when nicky gets back were gonna party it up and go clubbing. but so far i havent even seen her yet, margie and i are broke, angie has work next week. ughh so gay. ive been so bored. but im glad i finally have been getting alot of studying done. we even went to borders today to get another book that i think will help me pass the board. my test taking skills are getting better which i think is the most important thing.

omg i went to my drs appointment and i got my weight checked. omg im sooo depressed! i weigh even more than i did when i thought i was at my fattest. ughhh now i DEFINETLY need to start working out more and actually stay consistent. i dont really want to lose to much weight. the last time i lost 35 lbs i felt like an anorexic whore. i didnt even feel attractive no more cuz i lost all my curves. so i just want to lose a little, eat better, and workout on a regular basis. its so hard to take this shit seriously cuz i always get hit on like im the hottest shit ever. lol. naww tho i have to lose some weight. im a cow. atleast if i workout everyday i dont have to go on a crazy diet. its cool, i lose weight fast anyways. i dont need to stress on it.

tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over again. still cant go out cuz for 3 days were supposed to be mourning JESUS's death. well spend the day again studying and lounging around my house eating and watching movies. we also have to stop by wal mart cuz i have a bunch of girly necessities to pick up.

sunday is easter. church at 10 thirty in burcank then afterwards start bbqing at my aunts pad. grub bomb beef and ribs. and my moms awesome spagetti. afterwards egghunt with little cousins.

next week its on! with my girls, party, drink up, grub, and hopefully go clubbing. i miss my skanks!

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