Monday, May 11, 2009

back to reality

its another week full of studying and working out. last week i slacked off soo bad cuz my aunt was visiting from san jose and sol and i couldnt workout cuz my dad was acting up and also cuz we were both a little sad about our boyfriend issues. lol. im ready to get my workout and study on. i need to lose weight so i can fit in all my cute clothes! i heard 24 hr i think has this deal when you sign up for 2 ppl its only 150 for a year! ughh if only i had a ride and job i soo would join! i guess ill just stick to my taebo and other workout routines i can do at home with sol. thats fine though.

i had such a good weekend with my boyfriend. when we both just compromise and give each other what were both asking for instead of trying to prove whos right all the time, we have soo much fun and dont fight as much. i still feel butterflies everytime we kiss and cuddle when were not fighting. our personalities are just soo different. im more go with the flow and he likes to analyze and talk out every little thing. we got along really well though when we were just homies. lol. its ok, im willing to continue working things out. hes the love of my life, how could i not? hahaha. hes finally graduating this tuesday and i cant wait! were gonna go to the strip in santa monica on friday and beach it to celebrate. i love you baby boo!

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