Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards!

So I just got done watching the MTV movie awards and omg! It was soo hilarious! I was cracking up literally the entire time! From the scene where that Bruno guy falls on top of Eminem, to when Hayden Panetierre gave out the WTF award, to Jim Carey accepting his award. LOL it has got to be the best MTV movie awards I have ever seen! & lets not forget the NEW MOON trailer and the best kiss award that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won! OMG soo hot! lol I don't even care that everything seemed so cheesy, I still thought the whole thing was so funny. lol. I cannot wait to see NEW MOON and TRANSFORMERS! AHHHHHH!! lol I'm so excited!

So anyways, last Friday my friends and I finally had our long awaited bonfire. It was fun but the weather was so gloomy and cold it was a burn. Took a bunch of pictures. Met new people. Grubbed. Afterwards, I went to Jerry's kickback for a bit and then went home. The next morning Butch, Derick, Evie and I went hiking at O 'Melveny park. Omg I am so out of shape! & another thing I realized was that I am so NOT a nature girl. Every little thing I heard or saw I swear I would run and scream like a little baby. I couldn't help it! lol then had lunch at Evie's pad and went home. Derick and I were mad exhausted. Especially him cause he's been driving since Friday all around the valley and Lancaster. We were supposed to chill with Margie and do something that night but everyone ended up flaking.

I woke up today, went to church, went grocery shopping and grubbed at Thai bbq. I have such a bad headache right now. I've had it all day. I'm already scheduled for a CT scan cuz these headaches just keep coming back =/

I also finally scheduled my NCLEX. I am going to be taking it on August 4th. I only have 2 more months to study study study!

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  1. Haha yeah the grand entrance of that comedian at the MTV awards...he came in through the ceiling on cables and he was dressed as an angel but a malfunction caused him to flip upsidedown flashing his ass to the audience and then he landed on eminem's face....imagine the comedians butt in Eminems wasnt wearing underwear too ..tooooo funny...I love MTV ;)