Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My head is pounding right now. I took my CT scan on Friday, I just hope everything turns out okay. The guy who took it was an ass. He was straight up rude to Derick. He wouldn't even let Derick be there with me while I was scanned. So he was just watching from the outside. I hope that idiot doesn't mess with my results cause Derick was dogging him out for checking me out and looking down my shirt while I was lying there, and for being a rude motherfucker. Ughh I hate unprofessional assholes! Seriously though, my headaches are crazy and it only hurts on the right side of my head =/ I'm starting to get scared.

So today I went with my Grandma to the mall and Seafood City. I saw Mavae there and wow she lost a grip of weight! She looks good! It motivated me more to stick to my workout and diet routine. I have a goal. By the end of September I am going to be sexy again. So I have 3 months to lose weight and get to that goal. My summer consists of studying for my nclex which I'm taking in a month in a half on August 4th and working out. I am meeting Derick's parents for the first time as his official gf on his 21st birthday & I don't want to meet them when I'm still a lard ass. Filipino parents are so judgemental! I mean, they know I'm Derick's gf but I've never offically met them properly like how Derick met my parents cause Derick and I keep getting into some kind of trouble that makes his parents hate me. Derick has been bugging me forever to meet them already but I'm scared cause of all these bad run ins I have with them. Like when we went to San Jose and got into a car accident. Derick was driving my van so of course he got involved and his parents didn't even know he was in San Jose with me for the weekend. & just all this other drama. So when I meet them this time, I need to be ready. I want to be skinny and hot, and I want to have taken my nclex. Ughh I'm so nervous!

I worked out today for an hour. I ate better. I ate my fruits and veggies. I didn't eat that much rice. So yayy for being healthy again! I haven't eaten healthy like that since last year when I lost all that mad weight! Tomorrow I have to go with Derick to his jedokan class cause I promised I would and he's been bugging me forever! I'm actually excited! I always wanted to learn some kind of martial arts =)


  1. "By the end of September I am going to be sexy again."

    girlllll, you're already sexy! & your personality makes you even hotter! [:

    but if you insist, take dance classes with me! [[[[: <33

  2. just lemme know whenever you want, there's always classes going on. [: or maybe you can come to one of our V.ENT classes on Tuesday nights 7:30.

  3. im trying to lose weight too & i havent eaten rice for a whole month already!! cant believe i can actually live without rice! hahah.