Monday, June 29, 2009

Why is it ALWAYS me?

I'm so tired of hearing that I'm a selfish bitch girlfriend when all I ever do is give him everything. I always put my pride down so we can make things better. & I'm the selfish one who leaves him hanging? Seriously, I need time away. This is too much. On top of all the other issues I have with him. I won't put myself through this. Even last night even when I was hurt I let it go cause I know he needed me. & this is the thanks I get. I won't waste anymore time with his shit. What a waste of my time even blogging about this. Take ALL the time you need & I'll do the same.

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  1. yeahh .. it happens.. & i feel you girll believe mee.. im going thru some shit, but for some reason. the right choice to leave is the hardest to doo u know. cuz u love them but ur not happy.. & on my side it makes it so much harder because we have a child together.. but just keep ur head up.. & stay strong for urself & no one else