Thursday, August 13, 2009

Working out feels soooo good =)

Omg I had the craziest most intense 2 hour workout at jedokan today! I was so red when I finished Derick kept calling me tomatoe face. It's fun working out with my boyfriend. He was dripping wet with all that sweat. It was gross cause we were sharing only one face towel. It's ok I love him. lol. Wow I haven't had a crazy work out like that for so long. It feels soo good! I ususally just workout for an hour a day my regular taebo sessions. I guess it was so hard on me today cause I don't usually do that much leg work outs for that long and it was sooo hot in the dojo. OMG, I seriously thought I was gonna pass out. I am also getting better with my blocking! I could block almost every punch Reina threw at me! Yay! lol Maybe I'll be a blackbelt soon. lol Derick is supposed to test for his first degree blackbelt I think in September?

& also I'm so happy cause I FINALLY get my workout buddy back! She has her car again and shes gonna start coming to my house every morning after she drops off her mom to work so we can get our workout on! It's much easier to stay consistent and motivated when you have a friend trying to achieve the same goal and its not as boring. lol. I can't wait to get a gym membership. It's more fun and social that way. SO yah starting Monday, Sol and I are gonna start working out together again! I'm so excited! I know I'll be much more into working out when shes here! wooohh!

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  1. yahhh im so proud of you babe! 2 hours is pretty intense in the first week but now its gotten way easier. Past the first week of soreness and you will be fine. I was on the elliptical for two mintues and i was out of breath! thats how you know you are outta shape LOL we will keep eachother motivated and updated! i feel you on the no tank top thing bc i hateeeee my arms too =P good luck