Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAC Holiday Collection 09'

Ok so i was so excited to get the new MAC holiday collection at the mall yesterday but ommgg what a disappointment. If was not as big and cute as it looked like on the MAC website. The pigmentation sucks. It barely even comes on unless you swipe it a couple times. Plus I literally have all those colors. So I ended up not getting anything. I just got some more sweats, hoodies and a pair of cute boots instead :( I kinda feel like I'm missin out cause the packaging is really cute and different this year. Not like how it looks every year. But whatever, I knew it would've been a waste. I have so much makeup anyways and I wasn't even in love with it. Blahhhhhh...

-start using/experimenting/playing with ALL my makeup again.
-start doing my hair more often (gotta try out all those hairstyles I saved on my youtube page lol).
-start using ALL my jewelry.
-lose 22 more lbs ( I already lost 10! woot!!).
-buy a digital body scale to keep track of my weight.
-edit resume.
-job hunting with my hunnies.
-buy more healthy/diet foods.
-learn how to cook.
-crochet some more scarves.
-buy more sweats and hoodies for winter.
-plan for my 21st bday!

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