Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New workout Buddies!

I’m up early today cause my bffs are coming over to start our new advanced workout together! Woot I’m excited! 1 hour of kickboxing/taebo. Then 1 hour of pilates. Then jogging at the park. Then have a nice, relaxing and HEALTHY picnic! lol. I’m so glad they decided to start trying to lose weight and working out too. It’s so much more fun and motivating for me to lose weight when I have a workout/diet buddy and now I have 2! We’re all trying to be at our goal weight by Dec. Ughh I miss being hot! I gotta lose this hefferr weight!

I know I’ve LITERALLY been whining about my fatness for like what a year now?! I keep trying to diet and workout but I never stayed consistent, but for this past month I actually have been working out 4 to 5 times a week and eating healthier and in smaller portions. It’s no joke this time. I feel it in my bones. I’m literally obsessed. I’ve stocked up on a bunch of healthy foods to grub on. I feel so stressed out and anxious on days that I can’t workout. & I’m even more motivated cause I’m starting to see some results! I have to be back to 140 lbs again. That’s my goal. Yay I’m just so glad I’m starting to make progress now!

Look how I used to look before I gained back all my weight!

Ok so my trip to San Jose is finally this Friday! I need to get out of the valley and chill and relax and just have some time to myself.

I need to go winter clothes shopping. I need some jeans from Urban Outfitters, sweatpants and hoodies. I’ve been lovin this weather crazy! <3

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