Wednesday, October 7, 2009

O' Melveny

Had a fun time with my girls yesterday chillin at the park and relaxing. The weather was so gorgeous. The trees were golden and yellow. Leaves were all over the ground. It was so quiet and peaceful, well until those trackers came. Hahaha. We had subway for our picnic so it was something yummy but not too fattening. We had just finished working out before we came so I felt that much more better and peaceful. I want to go back already. I love O melveny park. It's in the mountain area and its so quiet theres no cars around and rarely any people. We'll probably go back next tuesday again after our kickboxing and pilates. Jardine and Sol like to go jogging. Princess and I will probably just sit, chit chat and enjoy the nature while they go cause we don't like to go jogging. Too much workout for my booty lol.

Omg were leaving for San jose finally this Friday! Woot! Sol is gonna come workout and sleepover tomorrow so we can get ready and pack. Ughh im so excited. Time to chill and relax then when i come back, I'll be ready to get ready preparing for work and looking for a job!

I've been listening to retro music for the past 2 weeks. Omg I loves <3

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