Monday, June 14, 2010

fugly me :(

I'm so depressed right now cause im a fat fugly whore! Ughh I've been so inconsistent with my diets and working out. I've just been super tired from work. But whatever I dont care anymore. I gotta get back on my grind with this! 15 lbs to drop!

I was at the mall with my sister today and she was getting hit on while I faded into the background. I know this sounds super shallow but im the one who always gets hit on! It's like I dont care if my sis gets attention cause shes hot but I know its cause Im super fat right now. That totally ruined my afternoon. I've been looking up pics of kim kardashian to motivate me and to keep me from eating and to keep working out. It's working! Omg I'm gonna stop whining now. I will be skinny and hot again soon! Ughhh Shoot me!

Well i am glad that my sister is home for the summer. We can have some time to bond and reconnect. I feel like I dont even have a sister anymore cause we never talk on the phone or anything and she rarely comes home on the weekends. One bad thing is that my room is twice as messy. & i miss the space to myself and my alone time. but oh well its only for the summer. She was saying she might start working out with me. I hope shes down cause Im so much more motivated when I have a workout buddy. Here are some pics of us since shes been back in the valley:

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