Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOT such a great day.

Omg Im so annoyed. Ughh. My boyfriend is such a pain in my ass. And other bitches get on my nerves. I'm in such a bad mood i need to turn this shit around before I shoot a bitch.

Work today was tiring. My patients kept buzzing and we had an admission that came 30 minutes before we clocked out. I had to stay a bit late for the body assessment. Whatevers atleast im off today. Im gonna fuckin go out and shop away my problems. This is why im so broke all the time. But i just need to get away. I cant turn to my boyfriend for shit right now cause hes all caught up in his own drama and selfish needs. & i really want this dove necklace at tiffany & co. its so cute and looks exactly like that tatt i want to get on my shoulder.

I think were doing pretty well on our survey. Im glad I wasnt around to mess anything up. I hope they leave soon so everyone can just relax for the rest of the year already.

I havent worked out much this week cuz i felt like i was getting sick but i havent been eating either and im still makin progress. My co workers are already complimenting on how i lost some weight. I need to workout though. I feel so jiggily when I dont.

Anyways, I just want to get over this and feel better. I wish I could turn to my boyfriend right now but whatever. I can handle this on my own.

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