Monday, June 21, 2010

I just want to scream at the top of my lungs!

I just want to yell and cuss at the top of my lungs!! He's such an inconsiderate selfish asshole! OMGGG. So what else is new? Yes were fighting again and I dont give a fuck anymore. I wont care for someone who doesn't care for me. I miss out on so many beautiful things in life cause half the time I'm sad cause were always argueing. I let myself get fucked up and turn into a mess.

Like today I ate In n out and ice cream when Ive been doing so well with dieting. I was to lazy and out of it to workout. I didnt feel like going out with my gfs. All i want to do is stay in bed, turn off my phone and just forget about reality and my responsibilities and all the bull and just be happy in my own little world. I did turn off my phone and it did give me a sense of peace. Like shutting out everything and just focus on me. Until I turned it back on and got a message from work telling me I had to come into work tonight. I told them I cant come in cause Im babysitting but now I have to work tomorrow when I was supposed to be off. Ughhh.

Idk what to do with myself. I want to shop but I need to save money esp cause my aunt is coming from Chicago next week to visit so of course I need to take her out.

I just want some peace in my life! I'm done with the fighting and the stress and all of it. I just want peace.

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